Colloquium Schedule

Colloquium: Thursday, October 26, 4:10 PM, Lewis Lab 316

Superfluid Helium Cryogenics: From the Macroscopic to the Microscopic

Steven W. Van Sciver

Emeritus Professor, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering Department
Florida State University

Liquid helium at temperatures below about 2.2 K becomes a superfluid with associated unique properties: mass flow without friction; anomalous heat transport by thermal counterflow; and second sound (thermal waves in superfluid helium). These properties make superfluid helium useful in large scale applications in superconducting magnets, accelerator technology and space based experiments. Since its discovery over a 100 years ago, superfluid helium has been extensively investigated using various global measurement techniques such as temperature, pressure probes as well as second sound attenuation. Such measurements provide valuable information about superfluid dynamics; however, they are model dependent and cannot directly measure the flow field or the existence of quantized vortex lines in the turbulent state. For these reasons, researchers have long been interested in developing techniques to visualize the dynamics of superfluid helium. The talk will begin with an overview of superfluid helium application in magnets, accelerators and space. This introduction will be followed by a summary of the unique properties of superfluid helium that enables these applications. The talk will then describe the microscopic nature of the superfluid state specifically quantized vorticity and consider how to use of modern flow visualization technique to study superfluid dynamics. The unique challenges to performing liquid helium visualization experiments will then be described along with results from several recent experiments at Florida State University.
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