Colloquium Schedule

Colloquium: Thursday, April 26, 4:10 PM, Lewis Lab 316

Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Aluminum Nitride from THz to UV

Marko Zgonik

Professor of Physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

AlGaN alloys have unique linear and nonlinear optical characteristics that permit the utilization of these materials in optical devices. The two most important properties are a wide transparency window and large non-linear optical coefficients allowing efficient nonlinear conversion into the blue and UV wavelength regions. AlN is a direct semiconductor with a bandgap of 6 eV. Apart from a small absorption region in the mid IR there is no absorption from DC to 200 nm therefore it may be interesting also for THz applications. Bulk aluminium nitride single crystals are grown by physical vapour transport and contain residual impurities preventing their use in the UV. However good quality AlN layers (waveguides) can be grown by metal–organic chemical-vapor deposition on sapphire substrates. In addition, substrate patterning allows simultaneous growth of domains of different polarities that can be used for quasi phase matched interactions. Our results on bulk and waveguide characterization and second harmonic generation will be reviewed.

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Physics and Astronomy Colloquia are usually scheduled for Thursdays at 4:10 PM in Lewis Lab room 316. Refreshments and snacks are available in the nearby coffee room at 3:45 PM.


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