Physics Graduate Student Association

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Science in the Movies: The Good, The Bad, and The Funny 

Join us for a night of Science in the Movies: the Good, the Bad, and the Funny.

Wednesday, 9/21, at 6:30 PM in LL 270. Professor DeLeo will guide us through science as portrayed in movies and TV shows, past and present. He will show how film has predicted the future, sometimes accurately, and conveyed science, sometimes correctly. But, whether deliberate or not, he will show us how bad science-in-the-movies can be really, really funny!

Pizza and refreshments will be provided!


Physics Graduate Student Association
Officers for 2016-17

President: Danielle Holz
Vice President: Drew Finton
Secretary: Courtney Au-Yeung
Treasurer: Lauren Dallachiesa

Faculty Advisor: Volkmar Dierolf


Previous Events from 2014-2015

Annual Graduate-Student Poster Session

January 28, 5-7 PM, LL 270 Lobby

The PGSA will be hosting our annual poster session this upcoming Wednesday, January 28, from 5-7 PM in the lobby outside Lewis Lab 270. Upper year graduate students will display their posters highlighting their groups' recent or current research projects. This session is geared toward the first year graduate students to aid them in their selection of an advisor for PHY 491.

Food and refreshments will be available.


Physics Graduate Student Association
Officers for 2015-16

President: Bita Khalili
Vice President: Keith Veenhuizen
Secretary: O.N.e O'Neill
Treasurer: Ying Qin

Faculty Advisor: Volkmar Dierolf